Dr Sebastian Brown and Dr Michael Wei join Forest Road Day Surgery

We are pleased to welcome Dr Sebastian Brown and Dr Michael Wei to Forest Road Day Surgery!

Dr Brown is a skilled ophthalmologist with special interests in cataract surgery, pterygium surgery, glaucoma and medical retina conditions. As well as consulting privately, Dr Brown holds public appointments at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Bankstow-Lidcombe Hospital. He also speaks fluent Spanish.

(L–R) Gabriela Kalofonos, Director of Nursing at Forest Road Day Surgery; Dr Sebastian Brown; two members of the specialist ophthalmic nursing team at Forest Road Day Surgery.

Dr Wei is a highly experienced ophthalmologist specialising in retinal and macular disorders. He also has extensive experience managing difficult and complex vitreoretinal conditions, all forms of retinal laser treatment, intravitreal injections and complex cataract surgery. He can conduct consultations in English, Mandarin and Hokkien/Taiwanese.

Welcome, Dr Brown and Dr Wei!

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