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Information for patients

Vision Hospital Group is committed to providing patients with outstanding care and optimal outcomes.

Below, you’ll find details of what to expect at admission and following discharge from our day surgery centres, as well as information for carers and options for providing feedback.

Admission brochure
Discharge brochure
Carers brochure


As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional care to patients, we are continually striving to improve our service. That’s why we value your feedback – whether it’s about something we did right or could do better or a staff member who deserves a special mention, we appreciate your help.

All patients are given the opportunity to provide feedback after their procedure via an online survey.

Rights and responsibilities

Vision Hospital Group has adopted the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights, which is provided to patients to ensure that they are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

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Patient FAQs

  • What is day surgery?

    Day surgery is designed for people who are basically fit and healthy. It allows them to have an operation, arriving and leaving on the same day. This avoids the need to go to a larger hospital and eliminates overnight stays.

    The length of your stay will depend on your procedure and your recovery. Most patients can expect to stay between 2 and 4 hours in total, and will need another adult to accompany them (including to take them home safely). It’s also important that someone is with you for the first night following your operation.

  • Who can arrange a surgery booking?

    This is something that your doctor or our staff will organise for you. They will consult with you to confirm a suitable time and date.

  • What about payment?

    For those of you who have private health insurance, your account will be forwarded on your behalf to your health fund. However, you will need to pay any balance not covered by your fund on the day of the surgery.

    If you do not have private health insurance, we ask that your account be finalised on admission.

    In some instances, superannuation can be used to fund surgery – contact the Australian Taxation Office for information. This should be organised before booking your surgery, as payment is required on the day.

  • How do I prepare for my surgery?

    If you are booked to have surgery, please take note of the following:

    • Adults need to fast for at least 5 hours before arrival
    • Smoking is a hazard before an operation. Please do not smoke for 24 hours before surgery
    • If you regularly take any medications, please discuss this with your surgeon prior to surgery. Also, please bring your medications with you to the day surgery
    • Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  • What should I bring on the day of surgery?

    Please bring the following items (where applicable):

    • Your GP summary
    • Your completed consent form (if not already returned)
    • Your admission form (if not already returned)
    • Your health fund card
    • Your Medicare card
    • Your pension health benefits card
    • Your pharmaceutical benefits card
    • X-rays
  • Can I drive myself to and from the day surgery?

    No. Because you will be given an anaesthetic, driving home is not an option. Please arrange for a family member, friend or another responsible adult to accompany you home.

  • What will happen when I arrive at the day surgery?

    Please make your way to reception, where you will be required to complete an admission form (if you haven’t already done so).

    After being admitted, you will have a consultation with one of our nursing staff. If you wish, the person who has accompanied you can also be present.

    Please feel free to ask any questions – our day surgery team are always happy to keep you fully informed.

  • What happens immediately after surgery?

    After surgery, you’ll be moved to the Recovery Unit. Here, our staff will monitor your recovery until you are ready to be discharged.

  • What happens when I leave the day surgery?

    In the 24 hours following your anaesthetic, you MUST NOT drive, operate machinery, drink alcohol, conduct business or sign contracts.

    If you have any unexpected changes to your condition or an emergency in relation to your surgery, phone your surgeon straight away. The number will be provided on your post-operative instruction sheet.

  • What is the In Safe Hands program?

    Our aim is to deliver world-class care to patients by focusing on the quality and safety of our services. We promise to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your medical care by focusing on three key areas through our In Safe Hands initiative: infection control, emotional safety and wellbeing, and a commitment to quality.

    Learn more about our ‘In Safe Hands’ program