Operating Theatres & Surgical Teams for Surgeons

World-class day surgeries offering you the ideal setting for your surgical service

Vision Hospital Group provides state-of-the-art operating suites and specialist theatre teams in an expertly managed, no-fuss environment.

What do our day surgeries offer?

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Wide range of surgical specialties

Our day surgeries offer the ideal operating solution for smaller/solo surgical practices, across a wide range of specialties including ophthalmology, pain management, orthopaedics, dental surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery gastroenterology, urology and dermatology. We are also happy to consider complementary specialties in our theatres.

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Outstanding patient care

We are committed to outstanding patient care and optimal outcomes, being particularly mindful about maintaining your patients’ dignity and privacy. Our day surgeries include thoughtful extras that ensure your patients’ comfort, while our nurses and support staff will make your patients feel personally cared for at every step of their stay with us.

Our In Safe Hands program details how we provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment for their medical care. This includes infection control, emotional safety and wellbeing, and a commitment to quality.

All of our day surgeries are fully accredited against National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. Read more about our accreditation and quality management here.

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Boutique centres

Our day surgeries are known for being boutique, professionally run centres that enhance the clinical experience and facilitate efficient patient flows.

We acknowledge the importance of the ‘little things’ – which can be overlooked amid the hustle and bustle of larger institutions. We are single-minded in our efforts to create beautiful but functional spaces that accommodate the unique needs of you and your patients.

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Friendly, highly skilled staff

At Vision Hospital Group, you will have the benefit of our friendly, highly experienced administrative and specialist theatre teams – led by an on-site General Manager/Director of Nursing – who ensure patient comfort and safety as well as efficient turnaround times.

Our staff will always make you and your patients feel welcome, which even extends to speaking a range of languages other than English, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Malaysian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Italian (depending on the location).

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Flexible rostering

Our theatre rosters offer you the convenience of flexible session frequency to suit your individual requirements. And to ease your administrative burden, a designated person at each site serves as the key point of contact.

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State-of-the-art technology

We are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art equipment and technology to support the latest surgical techniques, optimise patient outcomes and ensure patient comfort at all times.

Examples of some of our technology include Alcon LenSx® Femtosecond Laser System, Alcon Centurion® Vision System, VERION Digital Toric Marker, reinforced operating tables and premium-quality instrumentation. Our Windsor Gardens Day Surgery has also installed the CANEXIS™ Endoscope track and trace software – a first for the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2021, we launched the Future Vision Foundation. This not-for-profit foundation encourages and supports the research efforts of staff and associated clinicians, as part of our longstanding commitment to ophthalmic research and innovation.

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Convenient facilities

You can expect convenience when you work with us. Our day surgeries are well located, and most have ample parking for surgeons and patients.

We provide on-site changeroom facilities, including lockers, as well as high-quality surgical gloves and well-fitting scrub garments in a range of sizes. There is plenty of desk space to write up notes or use your laptop between cases – along with access to a Wifi printer and fast internet. We also offer well-appointed tearooms with tea/coffee facilities and light refreshments (at a minimum).

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Strong working relationships

Our day surgeries are well resourced across all areas from reception to theatre, and we put a strong focus on teamwork. You will generally be able to work with the same theatre staff on every list – we strive to foster strong, consistent working relationships. Our theatre nurses are well trained, efficient and highly skilled.

We also pride ourselves on maintaining a positive and healthy working environment for all our staff, which is driven by our company values. Read more about our values.

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Full accreditation

All of our day surgeries are fully accredited against National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards (mandatory), with an on-site Director of Nursing to lead the clinical support team.

We also have a National Quality and Safety Manager, who works with our Directors of Nursing to oversee our quality standards and risk management.

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Health fund contracts and additional payment options

As well as having health fund contracts with the major providers, we offer competitive rates for uninsured patients who wish to self-fund their surgery.

What our surgeons say about operating with Vision Hospital Group

Dr Nima Pakrou
“Everything runs like clockwork, which minimises waiting times for both surgeons and patients. I’ve worked at lots of different day surgeries over the years, and Panch is definitely the most efficient.”

Dr Nima Pakrou
Panch Day Surgery Centre

Dr Paul Athanasiov
“Everyone here is committed to continually improving the service – it's a friendly, accommodating team that is always looking for ways to ensure a better experience for surgeons and patients alike.”

Dr Paul Athanasiov
Windsor Gardens Day Surgery

What are some FAQs asked by prospective surgeons?

  • Who do I contact to discuss operating at a Vision Hospital Group day surgery?

    In the first instance, email us at [email protected] for more information. You will then be directed to the relevant Director of Nursing to discuss available theatre sessions.

  • What if my specialty is not listed?

    While we offer existing facilities for a wide range of specialties, we are also happy to consider complementary specialties in our theatres. Email us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

  • What additional facilities are available for surgeons?

    At most of our day surgeries, there is car parking, tea/coffee amenities and a small range of refreshments/snacks available for all staff. We also provide change rooms with lockers.

  • How are theatre fees managed?

    Your individual day surgery will be responsible for informing your patient of any theatre fee out-of-pocket expenses they may incur as a result of their health fund check or if they are uninsured. All theatre fees are payable on the day of admission. An information pack is provided to the patient which will outline fees payable.

  • Do I need to arrange my own anaesthetist?

    If you have a preferred anaesthetist, you are generally welcome to have them rostered to your theatre sessions. The anaesthetist will need to be credentialled prior to working with us. If you do not have a preference for an anaesthetist, the Director of Nursing will assist you and make arrangements for a suitable anaesthetist to be allocated to your regular sessions.

  • What other information will I need to give my patients?

    Your day surgery will provide you with an information pack that you can give to your patients. You will need to provide the patient with their fasting instructions and diabetic or anticoagulant medication requirements.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me on the day of my operating sessions?

    It is ideal for you to bring any AScans or patient notes you may wish to refer to during the theatre session.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Payment plans can be used at all Vision Hospital Group day surgeries through one of the following options.*

    • Latitude Gem Visa, credit limit subject to approval for services up to $1000 – interest-free offers, low monthly account fee, fast approval

    *Approved customers only. Before applying for any form of credit, always read the full terms and conditions.

How can we meet your unique needs?

We warmly invite you to take a tour, let us know what your priorities are, meet our dedicated staff and learn about our flexible theatre-session packages.

For more information on Vision Hospital Group and how we can meet your needs, use the contact details below or complete our enquiry form to receive a copy of our VMO information brochure.

You can also download location specific flyers below.

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