Our latest patient feedback indicates that we offer a world-class experience

At Vision Hospital Group, we’re committed to providing exceptional care to patients and are continually striving to improve our service – which is why patient feedback is so important to us. So we were especially pleased to see that our most recent patient surveys have been overwhelmingly positive.

All of our patients and their families/carers are invited to provide feedback about the treatment and care provided by us. We seek this feedback through an online survey sent to each patient after every visit.

The responses are fed into our data collection system which can instantly alert us if any urgent issues need to be addressed. We measure this data both quantitatively (i.e. numerical values based on responses from many patients) and qualitatively (descriptive comments from individual patients).

One of the most important quantitative measures we use is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is based on a survey question that asks patients how likely they would be to recommend our service to someone else, so it’s a measure of patient experience and satisfaction. The most recent NPS for Vision Hospital Group was 87, which puts us in the world-class category in terms of patient satisfaction. And in recent months, more than 92% of patients have rated the overall experience at our day surgeries as ‘above average’.

While it’s great to hear what we’re doing right, it’s also important to know what we could do better. As outlined in ‘The Vision Way’ (our set of guiding principles), we take any complaints seriously by investigating and seeking to resolve them as soon as possible.

Our National Transformation Manager, Shih Shih Ta, is critical in enhancing the patient experience at Vision Hospital Group.

‘My role is to identify and evaluate best-in-class practices and develop a framework for implementing these practices right across the organisation. The aim is to ensure better patient experiences, improved outcomes, and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.’

Our National Quality and Risk Manager, Kylie Bennett, is also integral to providing an exceptional patient experience at our day surgeries.

‘My role ensures that we have systems and processes in place designed to support the patient experience, from how our staff engage with each person, to the way we collect and use feedback to further improve our service. We are very successful at ensuring that our patients and their carers are at the heart of everything we do, which is imperative in ensuring excellent clinical outcomes.’

We’re proud of the quality of the service we provide at our day surgeries, but we believe in continuous improvement. So if you have any feedback about our service, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].