Trialling the Alcon Ngenuity 3D visualisation system

Dr Paul Athanasiov with Alcon Ngenuity 3D visualisation system at WGDS Dr Weng Onn Chan using the Alcon Ngenuity 3D visualisation systemWindsor Gardens Day Surgery is trialling a new addition to its state-of-the-art facilities: the Alcon Ngenuity 3D visualisation system.

Its high-definition screen provides vitreoretinal surgeons with unprecedented 3D visualisation of the back of the eye, with greater depth and detail during surgery than traditional microscopes.

This system offers up to a 48% increase in magnification to allow a better view for intricate tasks, up to 5 times extended depth of field, and up to 42% increased depth resolution to resolve fine details involved in challenging pathologies.

This means surgeons can see better, perform better and achieve better outcomes.

Pictured using the Ngenuity system are ophthalmologists Dr Paul Athanasiov (top) and Dr Weng Onn Chan (bottom).

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