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Windsor Gardens Day Surgery

As one of the original surgeons at Windsor Gardens Day Surgery in Adelaide, Dr Paul Athanasiov has seen it quickly grow into an efficient, expertly managed, state-of-the-art surgical centre.

An ophthalmologist who specialises in cataracts and corneal conditions, Dr Athanasiov has been operating at Windsor Gardens since January 2019. The surgery was impressive right from the outset, according to Dr Athanasiov. ‘It’s a brand-new, purpose-built facility with all the latest technology, the theatre layout is great, there are plenty of windows and it’s a lovely physical environment to work in.’

Windsor Gardens also offers excellent administrative support, flexibility and convenience for surgeons. ‘Annette Nelson, our Director of Nursing, has built up a really efficient practice. Despite the inevitable challenges that come with any new set-up, she has managed the staffing here beautifully. In a short space of time, Annette has ensured that it’s now an enviable centre that at least rivals any other day surgery I have seen.’

‘To give you an example, the list management here is extremely good, and should improve further as we’re planning to introduce new Surgical Order software shortly. Meanwhile, the rostering is very flexible – if you want to change or add to your list, it’s very easy to do so.’

The patient experience is another important feature of Windsor Gardens, says Dr Athanasiov. ‘Patient safety and care are first-class, and in my time here the patient experience has been 100% positive. That begins right from the time patients arrive because it’s easy for them to park, and of course there’s the convenience of a short stay for procedures that might otherwise be done in hospital. Another big advantage is the proximity of the surgery for people in the local area, which means they don’t need to drive all the way into the city for appointments.’

Dr Athanasiov is confident that Windsor Gardens will become an even more attractive place to work in the next few months. ‘Everyone here is committed to continually improving the service – it’s a friendly, accommodating team that is always looking for ways to ensure a better experience for surgeons and patients alike.’

‘If you’re a surgeon looking for a modern, well-run day surgery, I would definitely recommend Windsor Gardens to you.’

– Dr Paul Athanasiov, Windsor Gardens Day Surgery

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“Everyone here is committed to continually improving the service – it's a friendly, accommodating team that is always looking for ways to ensure a better experience for surgeons and patients alike.”

Dr Paul Athanasiov
Windsor Gardens Day Surgery

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