Panch has 10,000 reasons to celebrate

Panch Day Surgery Centre has reached an important milestone – providing high-quality surgical care to 10,000 patients.

Joined by theatre nurses, Kila and Constance, experienced ophthalmologist Dr Nima Pakrou recently operated on Panch’s 10,000th patient, performing cataract surgery to help improve visual outcomes. Reflecting on this achievement, Dr Pakrou said that he felt ‘so privileged to be the surgeon to do the 10,000th surgery.’

Dr Nima Pakrou
While Dr Pakrou believed this occasion called for celebratory ‘confetti and balloons that fall from the ceiling like in those television shows’, he acknowledged that such festivity wouldn’t comply with the day surgery’s strict sterility requirements and delivery of best-practice patient care. Instead, the team celebrated with a well-earned morning tea and a catch-up among friends.

Staff of Vision Hospital Group having lunch
Team culture is pivotal to Panch Day Surgery Centre’s accomplishments, with Dr Pakrou likening the supportive workplace to a family environment. Echoing this sentiment, Nurse Unit Manager Sandra Hollis asserts that the Panch team are ‘funny, sensitive and very relaxing for the patients to be around because we all have a very reassuring nature that the patients can feel and see.’ Equally important, the staff at Panch ensure the day-to-day operations run like a well-oiled machine, with Dr Pakrou noting that the team is ‘proactive and professional, and almost know what the surgeon wants and needs before they think of it.’

Congratulations to the Panch team for reaching this exciting milestone!

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